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Why Get a Mobile Site?

Many millions of people are now accessing websites every day via their mobile device. Regular desktop websites are designed for exactly that, desktop monitors, they are not designed to be viewed on smartphones. For this reason, most ’regular’ websites are incredibly difficult to navigate from the relatively tiny screens that mobile devices come equipped with. Browsing a desktop website on a smartphone can be incredibly frustrating and more often than not leads to the customer simply giving up after finding it incredibly difficult to find the information they need.

A mobile website delivers a smartphone-optimized site that makes it very easy for a site visitor to find the critical information they are after and leaves them with an enjoyable experience visiting your website. Critical information such as phone number, email, location etc are presented clearly to the user without forcing them to zoom and scroll around the regular full-size version of the site.

Don’t let your customers go elsewhere because you haven’t catered to their mobile needs.

Get your mobile site now!